When creating “a home” for a client, I like to implement the elements that give him/her comfort and warmth, within clean, aesthetic design. I usually like to use organic materials like stone and wood and special glass for both exterior and interior finishing and to implement green technology elements.

The goals of each project are to: respect the unique needs of each individual client; keep the client involved and informed throughout the entire design process; address the context of the existing conditions and neighborhood; consider the site and solar orientation; utilize sustainable materials.

THE SUN project

“The Sun” project is conceived to offer a combination of sun and all the other four elements: air, water, earth and fire implemented in an architecture, which suits the Spanish beautiful Costa del Sol. It is meant for the “sun hungry” north Europeans clients that suffer from not having more then couple of hours of sun during the whole year.

The idea is to create an enclosed community of eight “worry free” villas with a common social area where all the maintenance of the houses and surroundings are taking care of by an administration situated on the same plot.

You can enjoy your house without spending any time to prepare it for your visits, every time you want to come by for a long week-end or a longer period, and you can run it free of costs by choosing to renting it for certain weeks in summer.

The villas and the whole infrastructure will be design to incorporate all the green technology that suits to this specific area, and the standard of the construction will be equal to the Scandinavian one.

Other projects